im very accepting i have friends from all 3 hogwarts houses that arent my own

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I’m in your system now. You’re gonna crave me, like I crave blood.

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Foam and Worbla armour MEGA TUTORIAL

Tutorial by AmenoKitarou

Super duper awesome and helpful! I am totally going to try this out for my Garrosh cosplay.

keeping this for my knight cosplay (:B 

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*hears one second of sound from a lotr movie* are you watching lord of the rings

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totally forgot about the existence of this thing, i feel like this is the right place for it

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Tim daintily patting his mouth with his cape, though.

[Gotham Knights 1]

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Justice League Redesigned by Jonathan Mullins

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DC characters by naratani別館.

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One of the best moments of my childhood.



I can’t even tell you how excited I was that they turned this book into a movie and it was good

I literally have absolutely no complaints with the movie at all. Once, my friend and I did comparisons from the book and the movie, and we found the only major difference was the fact that Stanley wasn’t heavy set when he arrived at the camp in the movie. The majority of the script is raw quotations from the book.
This is my favorite book to movie adaptation and it did everything Percy Jackson, Inkheart, and The Golden Compass didn’t.

yesss this was such a good book and film

And the only reason Stanely wasn’t heavy set was because in the book he loses tons of weight and eventually ends up being almost thin. The director said he didn’t want to force an adolescent boy to lose weight on such a quick filming schedule, and L’bouf’s audition was so spot on, that they decided to go with a thinner Stanely from the beginning

Also the screenplay was wrote by the author

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I just have a thing for Hiccup + casual movements

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"Gideon Prewett. It took five Death Eaters to kill him and his brother Fabian. They fought like heroes."

(Rose Leslie as Molly Prewett/Weasley, Eddie Redmayne as Gideon and Fabian Prewett, Arthur Darvill as Arthur Weasley)

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Don’t watch sports anime. They will make you want to play 10 different sports all at the same time, but you suck at the sports and aren’t even in high school anymore.

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[On auditioning during pilot season in Los Angeles] It was great because I never had a gap year or anything like that. You’d get a pilot that was set in a 1930s jazz bar and you’d go off and just look into that for a day, even if it wasn’t a part you’d get in a million years; I enjoyed the process and just reading different scripts. I came back to England a lot more fearless. [x]

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Gorgeous Alphonse Elric Cosplay

Cosplay by Sveneld | Photography by Kucheruk Elena

Bet that cosplay cost an arm and a leg.


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